The Hotel Ristorante "Rinelli" stands at few metres from the sea, conventioned with bathing structures where you could spend pleasant hours, enjoing one the most bautiful beachs of Italy, with its golden sand and crystalline sea. The Advantageous conditions for all Rinelli's customers as concerning the service for the beach and car parking. We accept agreements for groups with particular facilitations.


The Saltpan of Margherita di Savoia, state-owned, is the biggest in Italy and the most advanced from the technological point of view in Europe. It extends over 4000hectares, got for the greatest part from the reclaimed land of Lake Salpi, made in the first years of 1900. The water of the sea is taken from a powerful water-scooping resort and put in the first evaporating zone of the tanks of "Alma Dannata", where it reaches a salinity of about 5°. From there it is carried in the second evaporating zone of the tanks of "Salpi Nuovo Alte", where it reaches, thanks to a difference in level, the low zone of "Salpi Nuovo".

The same water is later carried in the remaining third and fourth evaporating zones anf from these ones, it is disposed with an appropriate thickness in the "salting zone" where, between 25,7° and 29°, there is the evidence of sodium chloride. At the moment, the collection of salt lasts several years, the technique that permits many advantages both productive and economic with the utilisation of tracked machines. The collected salt is manufactured and wrapped up for different uses (alimentary, industrial, etc.)


Its the said that even Hannibal, engaged in a bottle against the Romanarmy in a place at a very little distance from the natural basin where, just from the ancient times the salt was extracted, used the therapeutic properties of its SPA. The technique for recovery of mud baths, mineralized in contact with the original water, is very old, since just from the ancient times we know about the therapeutic properties. Today the original water is used together with the mud baths, and it comes from the tusks where there has been the precipitation of sodium chlorure. Not very limpid and of a light odour of hydrogen sulphate, they have an elevated natural radioactivity, they are rich of iodine, bromine and above all chlorure.

The SPA in Margherita di Savoia, situated face to the sea and coasted along by a big beach, are among the most modern and equipped of Europe. Besides the traditional departments for inhalation cares, the mud bathing-theraphy and the different types of manual and underwater massages, the customers can take advantage from the very modern centre for renogene deafness, for the breathing and motory rehabilitation, of departments for Bronchuspneumology, for Gynecology, for Aesthetic Medicine and for a Gym, all directed by specialized doctors and highly qualified staff.



At only a few kilometres to the south of Barletta there is one of the greatest archeological areas of Puglia: CANNE DELLA BATTAGLIA that was the place of one of the most famous battle of ancient times, fought on 2nd August 216 B.C., where the romans had a heavy defeat due to the Cartagines guided by Hannibal.

The Antiquarium of canne della battaglia doesn’t have any evocative find of the famous battle, bus some objects that permit to go back over the life of the daunian centre from the pre-history to the middle ages. The expositive itinerary is formed by 6 sections, infact 5 are organized following the chronological time, the last dedicated to the presence of Hannibal in Italy during the second punic war.

We offer a free visit to the Archeological Park and Antiquarium of Canne della Battaglia to the customers of the hotel.